Replacement Commanders — Dueling is the Cat's Meow

We are back (back again), readers! This is Replacement commanders, where we look at each of the eight new “other” legendary creatures released with the four tribal decks in the commander 2017 product. So far, we covered vampires, dragons and wizards, so there is only one tribe left…cats! I put up polls on Twitter for […]

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MTGGoldfish — Commander 2017 Review: Feline Ferocity (Cats)

For the next few days, Tomer and Seth will be breaking down Commander 2017, deck by deck. First up, Feline Ferocity, which is overloaded with some sweet new Cats!

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Jumbo Commander — Upgrading Feline Ferocity

If you buy the commander 2017 preconstucted deck you are going to have a fun time. But eventually you will want to upgrade the deck and tinker with the other commanders. This video can guide you toward understanding some of the strategies hidden within the deck to better inform your purchase.

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