ComedIan MTG – Modern Horizons 2 Changes cEDH | New Tier 1 cEDH List | Deck Tech/Spoiler Breakdown | ComedIan MTG

Today we are talking about the deck that may just become the new best deck in cEDH. This Modern Horizon Spoiler may forever change the shape of the cEDH landscape and I know you’ll want to learn more! The Codie List by SickRobot: Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG – MLC WEEK 1 cEDH GAMEPLAY | Jeleva vs Pako/Haldan vs Tymna/Ikra vs Yennett | ComedIan MTG

Hey All! This week’s game is the first game I played from MLC. This ends up being a wild cEDH game full of crazy twists and turns. Jeleva: Pako/Haldan: Tymna/Ikra: Yennett: Every thing you need to know about MLC: Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG – PWP Tourney 1 Top 4 Breakdown

In Today’s episode I break down the Top 4 of Playing with Power’s First cEDH Webcam tournament for Patrons! Check out the decks! Kenrith: Ikraum Citadel: Dante-Temur Malcolm (DDB primer): Zrob-Temur Malcolm: Semifinals/Finals Livestream: Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG – What is the MLC and 4 Deck Techs!!! | Breaking Down the Major League Comamnder Draft | ComedIan MTG

In Today’s video I break down the four decks I will be playing for Major League Commander. Professional sports production meets cEDH gameplay in this fantastic league. I am so thrilled to be participating in the MLC! All My Lists for today!: Yidris: Mad Farm (Tymna/Jeska): Pako/Haldan: Kodama/Silas: Everything you need […]

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ComedIan MTG – Top 4 Breakdown Tier1 Con April | Last Tier1Con Webcam tournament | ComedIan MTG

Tier1Con had its final webcam cEDH tournament. This has been a fantastic series of events and I can’t wait to see what the August tournament has in store! Spreadsheet with the Top 13 decks! Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter: Tier1Con Store:

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ComedIan MTG – cEDH Gameplay! Thras/Bruse vs Vega vs Thras/Kraum vs Daryl | cEDH with Patrons! | ComedIan MTG

Hey Youtube! Today’s gameplay features some cool decks and some great cEDH Gameplay. This footage comes from the first ever ComedIan MTG Game Day (Link to discord below) and we have our Brewtal Combat competition which you can find more about in discord! Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG – Strixhaven & C21 cEDH Set Review | What Cards will make the cut for cEDH? | ComedIan MTG

Hey Youtube! Today’s Video is an extensive breakdown of all cards that I believe will see cEDH play from Strixhaven/Commander 2021. This is a fantastic set with a plethora of really unique and viable cards for competitive EDH. To take part in our new Brew-Tal Combat deckbuilding challenge join the discord below where rules will […]

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ComedIan MTG – Strixhaven Spoilers! | New 2 Card Infinite Combo in Golgari! | ComedIan MTG

Hey Youtube! Today I go over Strixhaven’s newest 2 card combo and potential homes for it in cEDH! I am very excited for this combo and I think it may be a bit undervalued by the current reactions I’ve seen online! Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG – I Top 4’d the Largest cEDH Tournament EVER!!! | Marchesa 2021 | cEDH Top 4 Breakdown | ComedIan MTG

Marchesa 2021 had the most players of any cEDH tournament to date! I was able to make the Top 4 of this event by going 4-1 in the Fluid rounds and winning the Semi’s to get myself to the Top pod!!! Today’s Decks: Rog/Silas: Razakats: Najeela: Sakashima/Kodama: Patreon: MTG Discord: […]

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ComedIan MTG – cEDH Gameplay Featuring FBLTHP v Opus Thief, Yeva & Najeela | Patron Selected Deck | ComedIan MTG

Today features FBLTHP as it dukes it out at the cEDH tables! FBLTHP is a wild deck and one that got me into cEDH and I am so excited to show it off here! Today’s deck: Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter:

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