Commander Legends Set Review — Precons

New EDHREC Feature - Precon Upgrade Guide

Upgrading Your Precon Suppose you just bought a preconstructed Commander deck and you want a rough idea of which five or ten or twenty cards you could add to make it a more tuned and functional deck. Since you're adding cards to the initial 99, you'll also need to know which cards need to be […]

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Tolarian Community College — The 5 BEST Preconstructed Commander Decks for Magic: The Gathering

  Enter to win a Commander Anthology! Entry is free, just go here: Be sure to check out Tolarian Winds: "Pro Tour Ad Nausea" - my Magic: The Gathering Vlog: What is EDH / Commander: How To Build Your First Commander Deck: How To Choose Your Commander: Tolarian Community College […]

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Intellectual Offering — Vial & Thrasios

Last week we introduced the idea of the Precon Effect wherein a card's occurrence in a deck list is perpetuated by its initial inclusion in one of the preconstructed commander decks. Players entering their nearly unaltered pre-constructed decks into Tappedout or Deckstats databases increases the occurrence of those cards in the list and makes them more likely […]

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