Spreading the Love - Bring in the Femme Fatale

The Tools of Temptation Hey Everyone, Kya here once again! I thought I'd do this week a little differently. It's been a long while since we talked about a topic wherein everyone is probably not in total agreement. Last time I did this, we talked about Infect, and the response was surprisingly good. Hopefully we […]

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Spreading the Love - Remembering a Good Boy

The Goodest Boy Hello everyone, Kya here! I apologize for the delay since my last article. Oh, who are we kidding, no one is paying attention to my schedules. Anyhow, last we spoke I was on my way to Dragon Con for some cosplay fun. Unfortunately, while going up to Georgia to stay with my […]

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Spreading the Love - Returning with a Bang

New Beginnings Hey Everyone! Kya here once again! I can't believe it's already almost September. I'm going on a fun road trip here soon to head over to Dragon Con, and I hope to see many there! Although I'll be doing a lot there, I'll be bringing my decks if anyone wants to play! Now, […]

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Spreading the Love - It's All Good (Stuff)

The Value of Additional Value Hey everyone, Kya here! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! It's been a while since I've expanded on my Spreading the Love series, so I thought after so long it would be a good opportunity to dive back in. For those who don't recall this series, here we […]

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