Commanderin' - BX02 - Box Opening: Ultimate Masters #MTGUMA

Phil promised the patronii he would open a box of #MTGUMA, so he did! You won't believe the value he pulled! You should join the patronii, so you can boss him around, too. This was another fine experiment in how to edit. Thank you again for your support! We are launching a video series showing […]

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Commanders Brew - E176 - Top Ten Fav UMA Reprints

This week instead of a full on set review we're naming each of our top 10 favourite UMA reprints for Commander as well as a few honourable mentions. get in on the discussion on your Youtube page as well as our discord server by joining our Patreon! Check out the podcast audio version: We […]

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The Trinisphere - Let's Open a Box of Ultimate Masters!

Join Shannon as he opens a box of Ultimate Masters, box topper-and-all. Did the get his value back? Let us know what UMA cards you are excited for, and if you managed to pull any of them from you packs! Want to see more content? Follow Shannon on Twitter @nickybolas Catch us on Twitter @thetrinisphere […]

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Commander Cookout Ep 89 - Ultimate Masters Set Review

Hello and welcome to our very fist CCO set review! Today's set review is brought to you buy our most excellent patrons! We wouldn't be able to do all of the extra stuff that we've taken on lately if it wasn't for you guys! We hope you enjoy today's Ultimate Masters review. If you'd like […]

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Commanderin' Ep151 - Ultimate Masters Preview Card - Reveillark

Wizards gave us this combotastic preview card from Ultimate Masters #MTGUMA! We are launching a video series showing us playing games! Want to be part of watching us play games? Sign up to support us here: Support the show! or See our episodes on YouTube: We’re on iTunes! Submit your […]

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Commanders Brew - UMA #freepreview: Runed Halo

Our UMA #freepreview from WOTC is Runed Halo! Not exactly an EDH staple but there's tons to do with this little beauty! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon page! Go to if you'd like to donate and get all the cool perks! Head on over to for […]

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EDHREC Ultimate Masters Preview Card!

What's in the Box?!? Welcome to EDHREC's official preview card! I'm Andrew Cummings, and I normally write the Ultra Budget Brews article series here at EDHREC. Today I get to do something pretty exciting, which you've probably already deduced involves showing you a card that's about to be reprinted in Ultimate Masters! I want to […]

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