Rally the Ancestors - Kataki and The Fun Police

Dallas builds a Hatebears deck which will stand the test of time, with a key focus on tackling the current Commander metagame.

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Too-Specific Top 10 - Weenie Storm

60 to 100 - Boros: Where the Weenies Roast You

For the Legion! Welcome spellslingers, one and all! Thanks for making your way back to another edition of 60 to 100! This week, as always, we have another spicy fun deck. This one is actually terribly uncharacteristic of me, but that just shows you how sharp and exciting the deck is! As you may know, […]

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Epic Experiment - Teshar Hatebears

Epic Preparations Good morning, EDHREC! I’m Bernardo Melibeu and this is The Epic Experiment, a series where we throw all common sense aside and experiment with some unusual cards, effectively changing how we normally build our deck. Is it going to work? Who knows?! We’re making science here. When you’re an Izzet mage, blowing things up […]

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60 to 100 — Weenies for Everyone

Here we are, Ixalan is finally out for everyone to see! Dinosaurs, pirates and vampires, oh my! You know, everything that totally makes sense in a Magic: the Gathering world. Soon we'll have a Rampaging Ferocidon crewing Heart of Kiran next to zombies and a Crested Sunmare. Seems reasonable right? Does it seem weird to […]

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