Trinkets & Tools — The Siege Cycle

Is anybody sick of artifacts yet? Aether Revolt is still fresh but this week's Trinkets & Tools is going to be shifting gears and talking about enchantments (a cycle of five to be exact), all five Siege enchantments from Fate Reforged! This article is going to be moving a little bit quicker than usual so I can cover […]

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Trinkets & Tools — Prototype Portal

Welcome back to another edition of Trinkets & Tools, the series about "build-around" artifacts and enchantments in EDH! We're fresh off the heels of Aether Revolt, a set that included a number of exciting new artifacts for our format. So while artifacts are on everyone's minds, let's talk about an older artifact that often finds a […]

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Trinkets & Tools — Birthing Pod

Hello everyone! My name is Dom, and I'm primarily an EDH and Draft player. I played Magic on and off since the original Mirrodin block up until Lorwyn, but then took a long break until I came back for good right before Theros. My favorite aspect of the game is brewing, and I think that is […]

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