Top 10 Most Played Commander Cards From Karlov Manor

Jolt539 - The EDH Lounge - Izoni vs Niv Mizzet vs Aurelia vs Trostani

Welcome to the EDH Lounge! It’s time to run the streets of Ravnica and see who’s going to be crowned boss of the streets. Commander Replay is double wielding like a maniac with Aurelia. Muddstah is making a smug face just like Niv Mizzet. (SMUGSTAH IS NOT AN APPROVED NICKNAME FOR MUDDSTAH. AND DON’T START […]

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Guilds of Ravnica Set Review – Boros

Integrity and Intervention “Hey, you there, with the hooded cloak. What do you think you’re doing? No, I did see it. The flash of light reflected by the lemmet of your blade: don’t you hide it from me! Put your hands where I can see them. What’s this? A Dimir sigil? You’ve wandered far from […]

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The EDH Lounge — MTGMuddstah, Commander Replay, Nexus_6, and Jolt

What's up everybody! Welcome to the EDH Lounge. I hope you're ready to kick back and relax with some smooth 4 player commander. This is a new series between MTGMuddstah, Nexus_6, Commander Replay and myself (Jolt). Since this was our first time with the series, we all decided to bring our favorite EDH decks. MTGMuddstah […]

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