Too-Specific Top 10 - Evergreen, Schmevergreen

MTG Muddstah - Jeleva vs Trostani vs Jodah vs Xenagos

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Jolt539 - The EDH Lounge - Izoni vs Niv Mizzet vs Aurelia vs Trostani

Welcome to the EDH Lounge! It’s time to run the streets of Ravnica and see who’s going to be crowned boss of the streets. Commander Replay is double wielding like a maniac with Aurelia. Muddstah is making a smug face just like Niv Mizzet. (SMUGSTAH IS NOT AN APPROVED NICKNAME FOR MUDDSTAH. AND DON’T START […]

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EDH Gameplay - Affinity for Commander Episode 11: The Locust God VS Edgar VS Krenko VS Trostani

Welcome back to another Magic the Gathering Commander / EDH gameplay video, featuring Martin playing Edgar Markov, Matt playing Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Jonah playing Krenko, Mob Boss, and Tom playing The Locust God. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you want to see more! Decklists: Check out our Twitter: […]

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The Knowledge Pool — Trostani, Selesnya's Voice

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Knowledge Pool. Last time I teased that we would explore a deck intent on making fat tokens, and this week I'm bringing you just that. I first began playing Commander when Return to Ravnica released. Before that I'd toyed with a few different strategies, but I never pulled the […]

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