Chain of Commander - IT'S OFF THE WALL! Arcades, the Strategist EDH Deck Tech

We are going to put the ELDER DRAGON back into ELDER DRAGON HIGHLANDER with this month's Patron Choice deck tech; Arcades, the Strategist! The revamped version of one of the original five Elder Dragon's, Arcades is a great option if you want to build a fun, unique deck on a budget. Come check it out! […]

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Chain of Commander - LIKE, TOTALLY! Why You Should Play Tatyova, Benthic Druid in EDH

It's Taty-OH-va, not Taty-o-VAH! For this month's visit to the Recruitment Office, we bring in Matt of TOTALmtg notoriety to talk about his favorite EDH deck; Tatyova, Benthic Druid! Why does he like this deck to much? Should Field of the Dead be banned in EDH? Is Risen Reef a good card in the deck? […]

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Chain of Commander - MASTER THE DUNGEON! Upgrade the Dungeons of Death Precon for $50

It's time for the August Patron's Choice Deck Tech and I figured we will do something a bit different here. My Patrons voted on Sefris and I got to play the Dungeons of Death precon for my LGS's release weekend event and I was honestly blown away by it. So instead of a deck tech […]

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Chain of Commander - I'M FLIPPING OUT! Why You Should Play Krarkashima in cEDH

Full disclosure, I have never personally played cEDH. I have waffled on trying it out for the past several months. In an effort to try to research the matter a bit further, I brought on Beyond the Machina, one of the original brewers of the Krark and Sakashima cEDH deck! Supposedly the "c" in "cEDH" […]

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Chain of Commander - BREACHER, NO BREACHING! Can We Possibly "Fix" Hullbreacher?

Hullbreacher has officially been banned in EDH, the format is was supposed to be designed for. How did this happen? Well, I am going to take this opportunity to really dissect the ways in which Hullbreacher overextended its reach and, in doing so, propose some alternatives that it could have been instead. Come check it […]

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Chain of Commander - WHY? I DON'T KNOW! Rating Every Main Set Symbol (In 10 Words or Less)

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first ever public upload. I debated several ways to celebrate it: a Tweet, a redux of that first upload, nothing; there were just so many choices! In the end, I decided to hunker down and spend the week working on a silly project idea I cam up […]

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Chain of Commander - STAY GOLD! General Ferrous Rokiric EDH Deck Tech

It is time for this month's Patron's Choice Deck Tech, but my Patron's were indecisive this month and they needed a little nudge to decide. In the end, General Ferrous Rokiric ended up being Commander of choice, which gave me the opportunity to try building under a really cool deck-building restriction. Come check it out! […]

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Chain of Commander - THE KING OF CURSING! Why You Should Play Zur the Enchanter in EDH

For this month's episode of the Recruitment Office, I bring in a cool, funny, and all around decent Bad Guy from the West Coast: Brandon of MTGLexicon. We go into one of his favorite decks that has a bit of a nasty reputation. Have you ever considering playing Zur the Enchanter? (Post Malone does, just […]

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Chain of Commander - Who Was the Most Powerful Legendary Creature of the Past Couple Years?

See, I took several memes and turned them into a video. ========================= Join Our Discord Server! ========================= ========================= TCGplayer Affiliate Link! ========================= ========================= Support Us on Patreon! ========================= ========================= All Other Social Media! ========================= Thanks for stopping by! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music Courtesy of #Shorts #EDH #MTG

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Chain of Commander - THESE ARE NUTS! My Top 6 Commons From MH2 for EDH

IT IS TIME! Time for me to do what I do every set; never mind the Mythics, disregard the Rares, ignore the Uncommons and really focus on the COMMONS of MH2 that we should care about. Does your favorite make the list? Come check it out and see! ========================= Join Our Discord Server! ========================= […]

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