The Toolbox – Tortured Existence

Tortured Existence is sure to give your opponents a tortured existence!

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SplitSecond – #24 Zur, Tatyova, Xenagos, Winota – EDH Gameplay

Zur the Enchanter (Solemnity); Tatyova, Benthic Druid (Amulet Bloom); Xenagos, God of Revels (aggro); Winota, Joiner of Forces (aggro/stax) – EDH Gameplay ✩✩✩ The 4k Subs is still running. All you need to do is become a patron during June/July and we will be giving away that red Watchtower 100+ Covertible from Gamegenic to one […]

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EDHRECast 122: The Most Versatile Commanders in EDH

MTG Muddstah – Brudiclad vs Geralf vs Trostani vs Zur EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Too-Specific Top 10 – Out With the New

MagicalHacker – ? Patreon Gameplay – Samut VS Klothys VS Zur VS Etali – GAVONY TOWNSHIP E42

Welcome to Gavony Township! Today, we are doing Dmany’s bonus game for Samut Voice of Dissent, since her other games weren’t a great showing for what craziness she can do. Will we get a good game against Klothys God of Destiny, Zur the Enchanter, and Etali Primal Storm? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY […]

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MagicalHacker – ? Patreon Deck Gameplay – Samut VS Brago VS Zur VS Golos – GAVONY TOWNSHIP E40

Welcome to Gavony Township! Today, we are playing Dmany’s Samut deck in two games. For the first game, will we defeat Brago King Eternal, Zur the Enchanter, and Golos Tireless Pilgrim? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: ? SUPPORT ME BY BUYING ACCESSORIES ON INKEDGAMING: MagicalHacker Playmat ? VIEW OTHER […]

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The Commander’s Quarters – The Most Powerful Commanders on a Budget | Part 4 | EDH | Magic the Gathering | Commander

Command your budget! The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! Today we go through some of the most powerful commanders you can build on a budget! ———- When you are buying decks or individual cards, make sure you are using any of our TCGplayer affiliate links below to help support the channel! […]

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Shape Anew – Zur’s Rebels

How will you Zurvive the rebellion?

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Epic Experiment – Past in Flames Edition