KingdomsTV - 🔥Gotta ping em all 🏹 Logomos v Florian v Tor Wauki v Danitha | K&F 50 @Commander Mechanic & Kess EDH

All of us want to be the very best planeswalker like no one ever was, but who will be the EDH champion this day? If you enjoyed our game today and you'd like to see these friends in person come join us at the Magic Summit this November 11-13th in Salt Lake City, Utah. We […]

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NeoRoyal - (EDH) Meren Vs Hidetsugu Vs Florian & Obosh Vs Nekusar - Emporium of Curiosity's First Game!

Welcome to Ep.96! Robert the warlock is recruiting for the Demon's Legion and the House of Pricey Cardboard is happy to lend a hand. Enjoy their first ever live game now edited for your enjoyment! If you would like to watch the full VOD you can find it here : The Dread Warlock Robert's Twitter […]

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SplitSecond - Emry, Florian, Alesha, Anowon Thief - cEDH Gameplay #85

Emry's Rusty Rocks from Beezelbob, Florian Farm, Alesha Hate-bears, Anowon Rogues thief Drunken House Cat aka Drake, celebrates his 1 year anniversary supporting us on Patreon. ❂ David is once again on Emry's Rusty Rocks from Beezelbob ❂ Baal brought his Florian Farm again ❂ Drake brought his beloved Alesha Hate-bears ❂ Leite went away […]

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[ES] Landfall TV - Decktech Florian Voldaren Scion | EDH | Landfall TV#121 | MTG commander en Español .

Aun no abandonamos Midnight Hunt, en esta oportunidad traemos un decktech para commander multiplayer de Florian Voldaren Scion Link al deck: Todos nuestros links: ¡Apoya el canal y todo el contenido de Commander en Español que estamos creando!​​​​ Además nos puedes seguir y apoyar en todas nuestras RRSS: Discord: Twitch:​​​​ […]

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Commander Mechanic - ONE MUST HAVE CARD for Florian, Voldaren Scion! #shorts

#MTG #Commander #EDH If you're looking at a Florian, Voldaren Scion deck don't skip this ONE KEY CARD to bring MASSIVE DAMAGE to your opponents! ▶ Check out the full video here: 🛠 Check out my other channels:

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The 99 - Florian, Voldaren Scion: Rakdos Combos Never Hurt More! | Livestream Deck Tech | MTG cEDH Commander

Wanna be more involved? Become a member of The 99 in two ways: Patreon - Membership - Now you can support The 99 when buying your next singles, packs and supplies through TCGplayer! It costs you nothing extra and goes a long way to help the content you enjoy here: Fan of […]

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Commanders Brew - Lost Cards Florian Voldaren Scion

This week Sean created an insane Florian Florida Man deck, but there are a bunch of cool other ways to build this new commander, check it out! You can find last week's deck on TCGplayer! If you'd like to purchase any cards we've included in the deck if you use our affiliate link below it […]

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Commanders Brew - Florian Voldaren Scion EDH Deck Tech

A wild and unpredictable deck this week as we try our best to emulate the infamous "Florida Man" and get absolutely chaotic in a very different way! You can find last week's deck on TCGplayer! If you'd like to purchase any cards we've included in the deck if you use our affiliate link below it […]

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Game Knights - Midnight Hunt w/ Cobra Kai's Xolo Mariduena l Game Knights #48 l Magic The Gathering Commander

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Be sure to order your LIMITED EDITION GAME KNIGHTS TOKENS before they're gone: ---------- Show Notes: The pale light of the full moon bathes a familiar game table, turning its unwary players…. INTO GAME KNIGHTS! Cobra Kai star Xolo Mariduena and Twitch streamer Voxy face […]

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SplitSecond - Innistrad Midnight Hunt - Stickfingers, Vadrik, Florian, Slogurk - cEDH Gameplay #75

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Pre-Release video Come check this video with all new Commanders from the latest magic set MID ❂ Guilherme aka PlayerNotConnected joined us for this game and brewed a lands matter deck around Slogurk the Overslime ❂ Baal built a farm'ish Rakdos deck around Florian, Voldaren Scion ❂ Leite kept on his stormy […]

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