Replacement Commanders - Izzet Tokens? IT IS!

Brudiclad, the Well-Clad Brood Hello, hello, all you lovely readers! My name is Seth Cross -as always, you can call me “DM” - and I am very excited to bring you another installment of the Replacement Commanders series here on EDHREC! This series was was inspired last year by all the awesome new legendary creatures […]

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Replacement Commanders - Once an Apprentice, Now a Combo Master!

An Artificial Apprenticeship Alright, my beloved readers, it is time to return to this year's Commander product and shining the spotlight on those Replacement Commanders, the legendary cards that were the right colors to be in the command zone, but found the deck's directions to not be as supportive for their abilities as the face […]

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Commanders Brew - C18 Deck Reviews - Exquisite Inventions

The first in our 4 part series reviewing the C18 decks. Up first is the Izzet artifact deck helmed by a brand new Saheeli - is it any good? Worth the buy? How about reprints? Check out the video for the full story! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon […]

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The Command Zone E221 - Saheeli Artifacts Commander 2018 Exquisite Invention

We're starting our in-depth coverage of the Commander 2018 product with a review of the Saheeli / Artifacts "Exquisite Invention" pre-con deck! Is this the Izzet artifacts Commander we've all been dreaming of? First we break it down and then we tune it up. Learn about the new cards, the reprints, how the deck plays, […]

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