CMDTower - Brews and Builds: Kalamax BURN Feat TryingCasuallyEDH

Welcome to episode 157 of Brews and Builds, featuring Fellow Host BigTuck and special guest TryingCasuallyEDH. Helping to fill in while MrComboNumber5 is in a suspended state still is TryingCasuallyEDH with his Kalamax, the Stormsire burn deck. Now this just seems unfair right? But if we know our friends at TCE, they have brewed some […]

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Ranking Every Planeswalker with EDHREC – Part 10: Oooh! Niiiiiiiiiight Weaver!

Commander VS - Commander VS S15E7: Tamiyo VS Jaya VS Sarkhan VS Ob Nixilis [EDH]

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War of the Spark Set Review - Red