The Nitpicking Nerds - Lonis, Cryptozoologist Clue Tribal | Commander Tune-Ups #73

This deck is ALL about making Clues and winning the game with them! Follow along for a special birthday upgrade to our Patron Emelia's deck! Link to the upgraded Clue decklist: Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: Buying Dragon Shield product in the United States? Use our affiliate link! Buying […]

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The 99 - Happy Hour! "Burrito Time" | Oswald, Najeela, Tasigur & Lonis | MTG cEDH Drunk Commander Gameplay

Wanna be more involved? Become a member of The 99 in two ways: Patreon - Membership - Now you can support The 99 when buying your next singles, packs and supplies through TCGplayer! It costs you nothing extra and goes a long way to help the content you enjoy here: Fan of […]

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KingdomsTV - High Power EDH Gameplay | Lonis v Livio / Kodama v Yusri v Chatterfang | S3:E8 | Magic the Gathering

There are so many awesome commanders in Modern Horizons 2 and in our games today! Giveaway Link: NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, sanctioned, or associated with Youtube. Winner announced on 9/18/21 at 6:30 - 7pm MST. ►Check out our playmats and t-shirts […]

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[IT] Underground Sea - Underground Sea - EDH - Lonis, Cryptozoologist

Guida EDH dedicata a Lonis, Cryptozoologist, illustrando strategie e carte utili per la costruzione di un archetipo che sfrutti il suo potenziale. Materiale: Merchandising: Ci vuoi offrire un Caffé? Underground Sea è sponsorizzato da Card Market ( Email: Musica: Bush Week by Nihilore Reflection by Broken Elegance Purple by […]

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I Hate Your Deck - I HATE YOUR DECK episode #13 The Professor vs Kyle Hill || Belbe vs Lonis vs Teysa vs Sythis A New Magic the Gathering Commander show that highlights a decks true absurd potential! Enjoy the fun banter and gameplay! Become a Patron to support our content, receive awesome rewards, join our exclusive community and more! We love to play test in our discord for Patrons only. If you want some T-shirts or […]

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Cut-Rate Commander - Lonis, Cryptozoologist | Flickering Clues | Commander | EDH | Budget | Cut-Rate Commander

Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 15 - Featuring Lonis, Cryptozoologist Representing this Simic Combine, our newest commander from MH2 his finally giving Clue's a proper commander to play them under - that being Lonis, Cryptozoologist. This build will be leaning heavily on Lonis's ability to produce clue tokens, running a heavy creature base and ways to […]

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Cardboard Command - WNL 39 #ModernHorizons2 | MTG EDH | Commander Gameplay

Support the Channel: Win MH2 booster packs! $10 tier perk for June. Become an official Commando through Patreon and gain access to incredible perks like Patron-only WEEK, our Discord community, and ensure our content keeps coming.​ All the same, perks are offered through joining our YouTube. The Cardboard Cathedral playmat will be available on […]

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[IT] MaNa TuBe - COMMANDER MODERN HORIZONS 2 I le migliori leggende per Damian e Spek I Estrazione coupon cardmarket

Bentornati su ManaTube, In questo video parliamo delle nostre leggende preferite di Modern horizon II . Come solito descriviamo le leggende e mettiamo in luce le loro caratteristiche migliori e sinergie. Se ci fossero altre leggende di cui volete parlare fateci sapere nei commenti qui sotto e ne possiamo parlare insieme.

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Commander VS - Modern Horizons 2 Commanders | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #251

Did you think Modern Horizons 2 only had cards for Modern? Watch brand new MTG Commander gameplay and see why this may be an extremely powerful set for Commander! Settle in and watch Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, and Jonathan battle with four commanders from Magic: The Gathering's newest set! Magic: The Gathering EDH Decks: MTG […]

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Commander Mechanic - INFINITE CLUE TOKENS with Lonis, Cryptozoologist 🛠 Commander Deck Tech 🛠 Episode 50

#EDH #Commander #MTG This week we look at a BRAND NEW commander out of Modern Horizons 2 - it's Lonis, Cryptozoologist! I've been asked how easy it is to make an infinity engine from this small Elf Snake Scout so let's see just how to do it! On Commander Mechanic we talk strategy, card choices, […]

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