Too-Specific Top 10 – “Landfall”

Too-Specific Top 10 – Tokens of Appreciation

The Command Zone – Naya Landfall “Land’s Wrath” Budget Upgrade Guide | The Command Zone #348 | Magic The Gathering

Get your hands on our limited edition EPIC PLAY playmat! It’s only available a limited time, so don’t miss out. Follow the link and order yours right now: ———- Show Notes: This is our budget upgrade guide for the Naya Landfall “Land’s Wrath” ZNR precon. We’re taking a look at the full list, analyzing […]

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Mechanically Minded – Investigate

Getting a Clue The year is 2016. Shadows Over Innistrad spoilers are rolling in. I’m loving all of them. Especially this one: My favorite mechanic from Shadows was (and still is) Investigate. The flavor is sharp, and everyone loves drawing cards, but there’s even more to be done¬†with Clues than just cracking them. For those […]

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