Durdle MTG - WT Episode 6: Torgaar

These days there are a lot of nifty effects in Magic, and there are a lot of redundancies. This helps in Commander with consistency and using less tutor effects, but there are still some effects that for some obvious and not obvious reasons are pretty rare. Amongst these are life total changing abilities, where a […]

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MTG Muddstah - I've already run out of clever titles! Tasha vs Firkraag vs Ghired vs Torgaar EDH / CMDR game

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Ranking Every Battlecruiser Card (8 CMC+) with EDHREC – Part 16: Dragon Tales

Commander Mechanic - Torgaar, Famine Incarnate ? EDH Deck Tech Tune-Up ? Episode 13

#EDH #Commander #MTG In this week's deck tech, YOUR Commander Mechanic tunes up an EDH deck led by Torgaar, Famine Incarnate! Take a look at how mono black turns in to a one-punch all-in strategy! On Commander Mechanic we talk strategy, card choices, budget & upgrades for all EDH players and tables. ?Original Decklist? http://deck.tk/3McU0BES […]

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Thrifty Fifty - Torgaar's Budget Blood Drive

Aris-Torg-Crats Welcome to Thrifty Fifty, a series where we build budget EDH decks for $50, or around the same price as a Gilded Drake. We’ll be paying special attention to new and/or underplayed commanders, and crafting efficient decks that you’ll be proud to bring to EDH night. In the process, we’ll discover budget gems, rad […]

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EDHREC Dominaria Set Review — Black

It's that time of the year everyone; set review time! The decision-making folks decided to give the black cards to the person who plays the least amount of black for some random reason. Who knows? However, here we are doing the things that need doin'. I won't be covering the Saga cards here today, as […]

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