MTGLexicon - Game Spotlight EDH: Optimus Prime | Sisay | Hofri | Ultra Magnus

This is a rip roaring never boring game from one of our streams spotlighted for your enjoyment! If you like this video watch the full VOD here - Welcome to the Dive Bar of EDH and D&D, MTGLexicon’s non-competitive EDH/Commander stream mixed with drinks, friends, and other community members. Join us live each Saturday […]

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Not Your Average Meta - NYAM Ep. 82: Transformer Showdown! Ultra Magnus & Optimus Prime vs Megatron & Soundwave MTG Video

This week on NYAM we’re bringing you the first ever game of Two-Headed Giant on the channel featuring a rivalry that has stood the test of time with the Autobots vs the Decepticons. This weeks matchup features Ultra Magnus, Tactician and Optimus Prime, Hero vs Megatron, Tyrant and Soundwave, Sonic Spy. Hope you enjoy! This […]

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