KingdomsTV - Hopper & Eleven vs Lucas & Will vs Dustin & Max vs Mike & Will | Commander Melee Stranger Things EDH

These commanders are from Hawkins or Innistrad either way they are in for a while ride in today's episode of Commander Melee. Which group will make it out of the upside down this time? Support the Kingdom: ► Get some fresh sleeves from Dragon Shield and use our link too: ► If you are […]

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In Response EDH - EDH Gameplay: Anowan vs Will the Wise vs Lyzolda vs Xenagos - 1 Year Celebratory Giveaway

Season 2 Episode 5: "Welcome to the Upside Down" We turn 1 year old this month. To celebrate we will be giving away a Foil Liliana of the Veil PTQ Promo card. To enter: 1. Make sure you are subscribed to the channel 2. Like this video 3. Leave us a comment. Tell us if […]

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The 99 - Cold Brew: Friends Forever! Max & Will of Stranger Things, Ep. 29 | Livestream Deck Tech | Commander

Wanna be more involved? Become a member of The 99 in two ways: Patreon - Membership - Now you can support The 99 when buying your next singles, packs and supplies through TCGplayer! It costs you nothing extra and goes a long way to help the content you enjoy here: Fan of […]

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Jumbo Commander - What's with the NEW SECRET LAIR Legendary Creatures?!?!

This is a topic that bothers a lot of people. I hope you enjoy/respect my take on these new cards! Sponsored by: Use "JUMBO5" for 5% off!

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[DE] Elder Demon Highlander - Stranger Things: Universe Beyond | Chief Jim Hopper und Will the Wise in Mardu Investigate | MTG EDH

Die Rätsel von Hawkins und Upside Down sind bei Magic: The Gathering angekommen! In dem aktuellen Secret Lair Drop können wir uns die Charaktere aus Stranger Things als Commander an den Küchentisch holen. Gemeinsam haben alle menschlichen Protagonisten, dass sie eine Art Partner-Fähigkeit haben, mit dem Namen "Friends Forever", wodurch alle Netflix-Stars gemeinsam als Partner […]

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The Commander Crew - Secret Lair X Stranger Things Cards Revealed || The Commander Crew || Magic The Gathering

We finally have eyes on all the Secret Lair X Stranger Things cards being sold in January for Magic's latest Universes Beyond cross over. In this video Corey breaks down t he new cards and some quick strats for each one. Also, partner is kinda back?! LETS GO! ---------- Support The Commander Crew: Your Playmat […]

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