Brew For Your Buck - X Gonna Give it to Ya

Commander ad Populum - Arasta of the Endless Web - Spider Token - Decktech - Commander ad Populum, Ep 137 | EDH | MtG |

Everyone hates spiders. Unless you're making tons of spider tokens and crashing in on your opponents! Join me for this Arasta of the Endless Web decktech and find out how to transform decks into new monstrosities that are the most fun for you and your opponents. Welcome to another deck tech for the people, by […]

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The 600 - A Review of Theros Beyond Death Commanders

Rolebuilding - Lolth, Queen of Spiders

One More Mana - Arasta's Underworld Deck Tech | Magic: the Gathering EDH

TCGPlayer Affiliate Link: Please enjoy the deck techs provided by One More Mana. If you enjoy the video please Like and Subscribe to our channel and social media to join the ManaSquad. Support us on: Patreon Twitter: Tweets by ManaSquad Facebook: Deck list: #MTG #THEROS #MTGTBD

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CMDR Ninety Nine - Singleton Showdown: S2 E17 MTG Commander Online Theros Beyond TCC - Hatos - Arasta - Bontu - Atris

Our Singleton Showdown series is played with a pod of four online and a set of league rules. This play group invites for entertaining games while maintaining competitive aspects of the format. Join in as we play some Commander and talk about card choice, mtg news, the Commander format and other things. Theros Beyond Tolarian […]

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Superior Numbers - The Anatomy of an Upgrade

Jolt539 - Jolt - Commander - Arasta of the Endless Web vs Titania, Protector of Argoth

Decklist: MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They're the number one supporter of this channel! // Click the link to get 10% off your order and help the channel out! Custom playmats! Want to […]

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MagicalHacker - ? Commander/EDH Gameplay - Teneb VS Arasta VS Geth VS Baral - THE BLOODHALL S21E3

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, Teneb the Harvester is getting his replacement episode, and oh wow is it a DOOZY! Will Teneb manage to stop the rock of Arasta of the Endless Web, the rock of Geth Lord of the Vault, and the rock of Baral Chief of Compliance? Watch to find out! ? JOIN […]

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EDHRECast Ep94 - The Epic Theros Set Review Crossover

This isn't just any set review! EDHRECast, CMDR Central, Commander Cookout, and Commander Social have embarked upon an epic odyssey crossover to review all the amazing new cards from Theros Beyond Death! This is part FOUR, where members of each show have gathered to discuss the best legendary creatures of the set. Which one will […]

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