Too-Specific Top 10 – Grab Your Partner

SplitSecond – #27 Omnath L Mana, Yawgmoth, Tymna & Tana, Jhoira W Captain – cEDH Gameplay

Omnath Locust of Mana; Yawgmoth, Thran Physician; Tymna & Tana Blood Pod; Jhoira Weatherlight Captain combo/staxy – cEDH Gameplay This week we received a special friend as guest, Rodrigo Pinheiro, who brought his take on Blue Pod Winota. ❂ Sequeira brought his Omnath Locust of Mana combo/aggro deck ❂ Luís Brandão brewed his own take […]

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Rolebuilding – Lolth, Queen of Spiders

MagicalHacker – ? Commander/EDH Gameplay – Rhonas VS Gitrog VS Ishai & Tana VS Ultimus – THE BLOODHALL S22E4

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are finishing off the last episode for my elfball by day fight club by night. Rhonas has been training, adding muscle mass, drinking protein shakes, and hitting the gym in preparation for today. At the same time, he has also studied up proper elvish dining etiquette to make sure […]

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Superior Numbers – Flash in Fashion?

Rolebuilding – A Thirsty Brew

Building a deck for a rather raucous party

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The GMGC – 4 player EDH Gameplay Seizan vs Ghalta vs Bruse and Tana vs Aurelia

Whos gonna win?? Big Green smash face?? Will I ever read my cards?? Like ever??!! Why am I allowed to play??

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Playing With Power – Blood Pod vs Gitrog Dredge vs Tempo Najeela vs Consult Scepter – CEDH Gameplay – Playing With Power

Decklists Tymna/Thrasios: Gitrog: Najeela: Tymna/Tana: Most Valuable Card: Get Merchandise Here! Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and more from Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media Twitter: Facebook: Season 04 is here! We have a whole host of great games in store for you this […]

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Commander Cookout – Commander Cookout Podcast, Ep 155 – DJ’s 4 Color Smashy Smashy

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! Today on CCOPodcast, the boys kick off the Arc of Others! We tech our good friend DJ, from the Jumbo Commander YouTube Channel’s Tana and Ishai +1/+1 counter deck. Make sure to check out Jumbo Commander on YouTube and give DJ a follow […]

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Playing With Power – Tatyova vs Oona vs Arcum Daggson vs Tymna/Tana – Competitive EDH – Playing With Power MTG

*THIS EPISODE WAS FILMED BEFORE THE BAN OF PARADOX ENGINE!* This episode brings a variety of different decks and archetypes to the table. Paradox Arcum, Tymna/Tana Blood Pod, Tatyova Land Value Engine, and Oona Queen of the Fae combo mill. We would love to hear what you thought about this video! Please comment below and […]

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