The Commander Crew – Unboxing Secret Lair Party Hard, Shred Harder & Box of Rocks || The Commander Crew || MTG EDH

One of our favorite Secret Lairs yet is finally coming to people who ordered it! We got our hands on Party Hard, Shred Harder and Box Of Rocks… Let’s crack these boxes open and see how they look! —– Support The Commander Crew:​…​ TCGPLAYER Affiliate:​​​​​​ INKED GAMING AFFILIATE LINK:​​​ Check out our […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 – Manaliths!

2021 Commander Data Update | EDHRECast 143

Game Knights – Commander Legends l Game Knights #40 l Magic: The Gathering Gameplay EDH

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Get your hands on our first ever GAME KNIGHTS THEMED SLEEVES. Warning: Supplies are limited. Place your order before they’re sold out: ———- Show Notes: Two is better than one! On this episode, we’re duking-it-out with the new partners from Commander Legends. First time guest […]

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Ranking Every Mana Rock with EDHREC – Finale: The Top Nine Mana Rocks and Sol Ring

Commanders’ Brew E127 — 2017 Creamdown

It’s our annual cooldown aka CREAMdown! We don’t really what the joke was about exactly but it’s from a year ago. We take a look back over the last year and talk highlights, favourite cards and sets and what happened with the show! Check out the podcast audio version:… We now have a Patreon […]

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In the Margins — Manalith

Currently there are 1,645 decks in the EDHREC database running Manalith, and not a single one of them should have it as part of the 99. Welcome back to In the Margins, a semi-regular column where I focus on making marginal upgrades to your Commander deck. I wrote in my first article that I would […]

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