Digital Deckbuilding - Archidekt Card Packages and EDHREC Staples

Use EDHREC and Archidekt to make deckbuilding faster.

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The Nitpicking Nerds - Strong alternitives to EDHREC Staples | Commander Quickie #11

On this episode of Commander Quickies we take some of the most played staples according to EDHrec and show you some powerful alternitives to them. If you are enjoying our content be sure to subscribe. Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Nerds Music: "How it […]

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The Trinisphere S3E4 - EDH Staples: What cards we always run

The Trinisphere takes a look at EDHRec's top 5 played cards of each color. Do EDH "Staples" transcend the three psychographic profiles? Or do some stray from the norm? The Trinisphere: Where Timmy, Johnny, and Spike battle over all things EDH. Brought to you by Follow us on Facebook: Catch us on Twitter […]

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Jumbo Commander - Commander Players! Buy These Top 10 Amonkhet Staples

Standard is rotating! Quick buy all the commander staples that standard players no longer need! Amonkhet has a lot perfect cards for specific archetypes. I think the set did a great job giving us some tools to expand powerful strategies. BUT I also believe that it has the CHEAPEST PRICE for the BEST EFFECT in […]

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