Digital Deckbuilding - Collaborating on Archidekt

Danitha Capashen and Radha stand back to back against Phyrexian invaders.

John builds a deck with Dana Roach of EDHRECast using Archidekt!

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Digital Deckbuilding - How to use Archidekt and EDHREC Filters

Gishath, Sun's Avatar by Sidharth Chaturvedi.

Find the cards you need faster and make your decks better with these tips and tricks.

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Digital Deckbuilding - Archidekt Card Packages and EDHREC Staples

Use EDHREC and Archidekt to make deckbuilding faster.

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Digital Deckbuilding - Card Searches on EDHREC and Archidekt

A person frantically searches a cluttered library.

How do you use Archidekt, EDHREC and Commander Spellbook to craft your deck? John looks at tips and tricks in this brand new series.

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Archidekt and EDHREC Announce Partnership

This was originally published at Archidekt on April 8th, 2019 The Archidekt team is excited to officially announce our partnership with EDHREC! tl;dr If this is your first time on Archidekt, hit up our home page to view decks or try out our deck editor. You can now view EDHRECs for your current deck directly […]

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