Cardboard Command - Cardboard Command Ep. 8 | MTG Commander | EDH Gameplay

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How to Give Good Deck Advice | EDHRECast 178

Deckbuilding is a collaborative art! We're sitting down this week to discuss the best methods of helping other players tune up their decks, and how it can be a learning experience for ALL players involved. Support the cast on Patreon! Check out our new custom altersleeves at EDHREC is sponsored by CardKingdom,, […]

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Game Knights - D&D Precon Fight w/ Joe Manganiello! l Game Knights #47 l Magic The Gathering Commander Gameplay AFC

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Become a Patron to support our content, receive awesome rewards, join our exclusive community and more! ---------- Show Notes: The Game Knights embark on another quest through the Forgotten Realms, but you’ve never seen Dungeons & Dragons like this! Special guests, actor/writer/director Joe Manganiello (True […]

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[FR] Les Chroniques du Commander - 👑 Commander Club | Commander Donjons & Dragons amélioré : KLAUTH vs PROSPER vs GALEA vs SEFRIS

On revient avec l'équipe pour une nouvelle soirée Commander avec des préconstruits améliorés ! Le principe ? On prend le préconstruit de base et on injecte pour 50euros de cartes et on regarde ce que ça donne. Retrouvé Lanceleau, PL et Mouchet pour cette joyeuse baston, lequel de vos streamers préférés remportera la victoire ? […]

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Commanders Brew - Lost Cards Galea, Kindler of Hope

Lost Cards this week is all about Galea Kindler of Hope. There's a bunch of ways to build Galea, from all auras or all equipment to curses and more! Check it out! You can find this week's deck on TCGplayer! If you'd like to purchase any cards we've included in the deck if you use […]

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Commanders Brew - Galea Kindler of Hope EDH Deck | Galea EDH Deck Tech

Galea Kindler of Hope is a brand new Bant commander that does a great job of getting us back to our roots when it comes to the much maligned Voltron archetype in commander. With this deck you can get some sweet ideas to go auras or equipment or both or honestly, neither! You can find […]

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The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Forgotten Realms Commanders

MTG Muddstah - Prosper vs Galea vs Sefris vs Vrondiss Precon EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Commander VS - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Precons | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #254

It's a battle of MTG preconstructed decks! With Adventures in the Forgotten Realms releasing this Friday, the crew takes the set's four Commander preconstructed decks for a spin! Are you on team Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, or Jonathan? Let us know who you picked in the comments! MTG: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Previews: Magic: […]

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Praetor Magic - Late Night Magic | Adventures of the Forgotten Realms Face Commanders!

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