Nearly Identical - Yuriko or Satoru?

The 600 - A Review of AFR Commanders

Do Your Worst - Sultai Equipment

KingdomsTV - Grazilaxx vs Tarrasque vs Krydle vs Gretchen | MTG EDH Gameplay | S3:E11 | AFR Commanders

The biggest baddest monster might not always be what kills you... In today's episode, we play with commanders from the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. The win condition is pretty wild. ►Check out our playmats and t-shirts at ►If you'd like to chat with us on Discord check out our Patreon: ►If […]

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The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Forgotten Realms Commanders

EDH in the Forgotten Realms Set Review Pt.1 | EDHRECast 171

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms contains a number of interesting Commander goodies! Where will these cards fall in the realm of EDH? Today we're discussing the legends, white, blue, and black cards! Support the cast on Patreon! Check out our new custom altersleeves at EDHREC is sponsored by CardKingdom,, and Use […]

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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Review - Blue

[DE] Elder Demon Highlander - Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar | Adventures in the forgotten Realm Commander Deck Tech | MTG | EDH

Ein sehr interessanter Commander, mit dem wir unsere Gegner zwingen wollen, unsere Kreaturen im Kampf zu Blocken. Nicht nur, dass wir eine Karte ziehen können, wenn eine Kreatur ungeblockt durchkommt, können wir auch Kreaturen auf die Hand zurück nehmen, wenn sie geblockt werden. Was zu erst wie eine schlechte Fähigkeit klingt, verhilft uns dazu, Kreaturen […]

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