Gemstone Mine - Bad Matchups -- Lessons from cEDH

If you play this format long enough, you find some decks which are really difficult for some of your favorite decks to play against. Sometimes you can ask your opponent to switch out to a different deck, but sometimes you need to know how to play through an opponent's strategy to come out on top! […]

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Gemstone Mine - How to Brew a Casual Deck

Many cEDH players ask the question, "How do I brew a casual deck again?" It can seem like a major challenge to "unlearn" all the efficiencies and combos that many cEDH brewers rely on to hone their decks, but there are some fairly simple tips you can use to make a deck that's both satisfying […]

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Gemstone Mine - Celestine, Living Saint Beats -- Instant Brew!

There's a new quartet of Commander decks coming out, and some Commanders are getting more hype than others. As usual, John wants to look at one of the more overlooked legends in the set, and he's going to try to brew Celestine, Living Saint in a reasonable amount of time. Which in his mind usually […]

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Gemstone Mine - Flexibility, Synergy and Layering

"Play more flexible cards! Pick more synergistic pieces! Don't forget to layer your wincons!" All useful advice, but just what do people mean when they throw these buzzwords at you? It can be confusing for a brewer trying to make their first big upgrades to a deck, or brew a new deck from scratch. This […]

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Gemstone Mine - 5 Lessons from Tournament Commander

John went into a cEDH tournament and he's learned a few things from his crushing defeat. They might help *you* avoid a similar fate if you're planning to play in one of the growing number of cEDH tournaments, or just hoping to not play the fool at your next kitchen table Commander night! 00:00 Introduction […]

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Gemstone Mine - Getting Ready with Mulligans

The Getting Ready stage of a game of Commander can be a bit boring, but mastering the art of the Mulligan can help you get through it in better position than your opponents! This week, we focus on the earliest part of the game, and review some basic rules to help you get the most […]

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Gemstone Mine - How to Play Commander like Survivor

Is it possible we could learn more about how to be successful at a game of Commander by watching reality television than watching Legacy or Modern gameplay? Callahan from the Mind Sculptors joins us to share their thoughts on how we could improve our game at the Commander table by watching Survivor! 00:00 Introduction 01:37 […]

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Gemstone Mine - 5 Political Lessons from vEDH

Politics can play a big role in your success or failure at a Commander table, and not always in the sense of making "I scratch your back and you scratch mine" agreements with opponents. Sometimes it's the subtle act of asking players for the number of cards in their hand, or what's in their graveyard, […]

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Gemstone Mine - Vhal / Staff Infinite Mana Combo

It's Combo Time! The prerequisite is having 3 available to cast the artifact while it's in our hand, plus Vhal needs to have 5 or greater toughness and cannot have summoning sickness. You can check out our deck primer on Vhal for details on that! 1. Cast Staff of Domination for 3 (*this is the […]

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Gemstone Mine - Simic Vhal Untap Combo -- Video Primer

We've got a deck we're excited to share! Fresh out of Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate comes a combo deck that can grind value and hold its own in combat. If you've played cEDH decks like Evolution or Dawnwaker Thrasios and are looking for a unique deck that blends combo and value engines, […]

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