Nearly Identical - Tatyova or Aesi?

Cardboard Command - WNL 78 | Christmas Countdown! | Live MTG EDH | Commander Gameplay

🙂 Become an Official Commando | - Discord community access, online games, Stream Teams, product discounts and more! 💙 Send us a tip | **FANTASTIC GUEST** Big shoutout to our amazing Patrons Charisse and Knight of Baawa for joining us! ** DECK LISTS ** Kenessos, Priest of Thassa | ** PARTNERSHIPS and […]

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Not Your Average Meta - NYAM Ep. 72: Jodah vs Zur vs Shanid vs Greensleeves MTG EDH Gameplay Video

This week on NYAM we’re bringing you another completely unplanned Dominaria commander clash using the legends from the new Dominaria United set! This week we have a matchup featuring Jodah, the Unifier vs Zur, Eternal Schemer vs Shanid, Sleepers’ Scourge vs Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer. Hope you enjoy! This weeks video is brought to you by our […]

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Into the 99 - Greensleeves Deck Tech, Becoming The Badger Lord Into the 99 podcast episode 164 (Audio only)

On this weeks episode, Daniel and Slothy talk about Greensleevs, Maro-Sorcerer. Greensleeves is an incredibly powerful landfall commander that creates a massive army of badger tokens rewarding you for turbo ramping. This deck is no laughing....Badger.... Deck list below!,_Lord_of_badgers You can find all of our content at If you want to support the […]

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The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Dominaria United Commanders, Part 2

Commander Cookout - The Best? Dominaria United Legends | Legendary Review | CCO Podcast 325 | Commander | CMDR | MtG

This week we take a look at the latest hotness. All our new toys. The legendary creatures from Dominaria United. Which ones will we play? Which ones miss the mark? Join us to hear all about it! Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming Online. They're your source for all of your gaming needs. […]

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