Achievement Unlocked - Building With a Deck Restriction

[IT] Underground Sea - Underground Sea - EDH – Isu the Abominable

Analisi e brainstorming, in compagnia con Il Bazaar di Via Latta, dedicato a Isu the Abominable, illustrando strategie e carte utili per la costruzione di un archetipo che sfrutti il suo potenziale. Materiale: Il Bazar di Via Latta: Magic Casual Community Italia (Gruppo Telegram): Abbonati al nostro canale: Email: Musica: […]

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The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Jumpstart 2022 Commanders

The Command Zone - The Best New Commanders From Jumpstart 2022 | The Command Zone #505 | Magic Gathering Commander EDH

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! -------- Show Notes: Jumpstart is back and better than ever! It’s fun right out of the box, but it’s also loaded with new cards for your decks! So let’s jump right in and talk about the […]

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Commander Mechanic - Time for a SNOW DAY with Isu, the Abominable #shorts

#EDH #Commander #mtg JumpStart 2022 is giving us the new snow-themed Isu, the Abominable! DONATE: DECK LIST: 🔊 Discord 🔊 🔗Important Links🔗 🌸 Follow me on MOXFIELD 🌸 📭 Affiliate Hairy Tarantula 📭 For all of your Canadian singles, sealed product, and more: 💜 Promo Code CMDR MECHANIC to […]

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