Nearly Identical - Kykar or Elsha?

ComedIan MTG - Jegantha, Jeskai Ascendancy Deck Tech | TMS Iconic Decklist Challenge | ComedIan MTG

Today is a Deck Tech for my list Ascend the Wellspring. This cEDH deck is a 5 color storm deck meant to break Jeskai Ascendancy. Big shoutout to the Mindsculptors for throwing this challenge together! Today's Deck: Here is the playlist with all Iconic Decklist videos: Patreon: MTG Discord: Twitter: Bad […]

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Commander Showdown - Kykar vs Alela

The Command Zone - M20 Preview Card l The Command Zone #272 l Magic: the Gathering Commander EDH

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! ---------- Show Notes: DJ from Jumbo Commander is back on the show to help unveil and discuss our exclusive M20 preview card! It’s Kykar, Wind’s Fury, a new legendary creature in the Jeskai (WUR) colors that […]

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Lab Maniacs - S2 Episode 6: Razahulk Firebrand vs Jeleva Storm vs Jeskai Ascendancy vs Thrasios Hulkweaver

Competitive Multiplayer EDH gameplay and commentary brought to you by the Laboratory Maniacs from the PlayEDH Discord server. Deck Explainations & Opening Hands - 0:36 Start of Game - 10:20 In this episode we have cobblepott, Luke, Cameron, and Dan battle it out. Decks in this Episode: Razahulk Firebrand: Jeleva Storm: Jeskai Ascendancy: […]

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