Commander Cookout - NOT a Dominaria Remastered Set Review, Is It? | CCO Podcast 345 | Commander | MtG | EDH

We're starting to round out the year. First we take a look at a recent major Magic event that happened and how it felt like a Grand Prix of old. Then, we take a good long look at Dominaria Remastered. We discuss both why it's fabulous and where it fell short. Huge thank you to […]

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Jake and Joel are Magic - FACE-MELTING Dominaria Remastered Spoilers That Have Me Sitting in My Car Literally Screaming

Support us on Patreon! Discord: Shop Dragon Shield: Shop TCGPlayer: Official Merch Store: In this Jake and Joel are Magic video, we're discussing Magic: the Gathering's Dominaria Remastered set, that is on track to come out in January of 2023. Packed with tons of reprints like Enlightened Tutor, Yawgmoth, Urza, […]

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Mind Bend - Rakdos Walls

60 to 100 — Train Sucks, Soul Sisters Doesn't

Welcome yet again to another edition of 60 to 100, your favorite series on taking 60 card archetypes and bringing them to the world of Commander. This week I'm taking another reader request to cover a deck, and it happens to be one that I really enjoy this time! In case you missed the last […]

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