EDH Benchwarmers — Roon of the Hidden Realm

It is very hard to build a deck when you limit yourself from using any of the suggested cards on EDHREC. I'm just saying, making a Roon of the Hidden Realm deck that doesn't use Deadeye Navigator or Mulldrifter is a weird and wild experience. Why am I doing this? So that we can have […]

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Commander Showdown — Roon vs Brago

Commander Showdown is a series that compares and contrast two similar commanders, analyzes differences in strategy and deck construction, and evaluates how those differences are represented by the data here on EDHREC. Modern Masters 2017 is just around the corner, and the set is chock full of amazing cards and sweet draft archetypes. The one […]

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Low Market — Roon Energy

The Realm of Possibilities In Low Market's long, storied, two-prior-articles history, we began with a commander, and then worked our way around to a theme. Today, we're going to walk on the wild side and approach deck building from a different direction: choose a theme and find the commander that suits it best. Now, if […]

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