EDH Benchwarmers — Niv Mizzet, the Firemind

Oooooh, the Firemind. What, am I supposed to be afraid of this guy? Niv-Mizzet is a massive dweeb and we all know it. He may look like a super rad dragon with wicked cool frill-things around his head and very intimidating wings and everything, but NM is really just a super nerd, and not even […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Kruphix, God of Colourless Mana

Last time I built a deck I made the fatal flaw of confusing NBA All-Star Demar DeRozan for classic centaur commander Stonebrow, Krosan Hero. This time I promise to make it up to everyone by giving a much-beloved and definite actual magic card, the benchwarmer treatment. This time we build a deck for Kruphix, God […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Demar DeRozan

Look, I already know what you're thinking: Demar DeRozan is not a magic card. He is not a legendary creature and he has no converted mana cost, let alone a colour identity. “Demar DeRozan is the starting shooting guard for the NBA's Toronto Raptors” you're probably saying out loud. “Why is he writing this? Has […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Marchesa, the Black Rose

Hey everyone welcome back to EDH Benchwarmers with your host Andy Hull. Last time we really leaned into some pretty deep Van Halen references talking about a deck that was all about Roon of the Hidden Realm, and I guess somewhat about 80's hair metal and partying way too hard on the Sunset Strip. This […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Roon of the Hidden Realm

It is very hard to build a deck when you limit yourself from using any of the suggested cards on EDHREC. I'm just saying, making a Roon of the Hidden Realm deck that doesn't use Deadeye Navigator or Mulldrifter is a weird and wild experience. Why am I doing this? So that we can have […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Kaalia of the Vast

We did it, we found an actual theme for my article series. People seemed to dig the idea of the “Better Version.dec” from last time (Teneb instead of Karador) so, the EDH Benchwarmers series is born. A quick word about what it means to be a “Benchwarmer” before we begin. Benchwarmer is without a doubt […]

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There is a Better Version.dec

The number of times I've built a Commander deck, sleeved it up and brought it to Magic night, ready to drop it on some unsuspecting friends/foes only to have someone remark about my awesome deck, “You know there's a better version of X” or “Why don't you just run X instead?” is TOO DAMN HIGH. […]

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I Am the Worst

Hello, I am a Commander player who likes to make it so my opponents cannot play or enjoy the game. I enjoy increasing mana costs and forcing opponents to skip their untap phase. I am a person who plays cards like Winter Orb and Stasis. I am the worst. Don't be like me. I am […]

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