KingdomsTV - CEDH | Tymna & Sakashima v Chulane v Grolnok v Prosper | @The Spike Feeders& Mod Anon | K&F E7

The format where combat is the alternate win con... We have Jim with the Spike Feeders and Dan with Moderately Anonymous on our show today! Jim - Spike Feeders: Dan - Mod Anon: ►If you'd like to chat with us on Discord check out our Patreon: ►Check out our playmats and t-shirts […]

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SplitSecond - Old Stickfingers, Krark & Sakashima, Edric, Tevesh & Kraum - w/ Stacked EDH - cEDH Gameplay #80

Ken Baumann from Stacked EDH joined us for a couple of games! Come check these crazy matches we played with Ken! ☺️ ❂ David is once again on Old Stickfingers from the StickyBandits ❂ Ken brought nothing other than his Siskel & Ebert ❂ Baal wanted to try out the new Innistrad goodies for Edric […]

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Archetune-Up - Spirited Away

NeoRoyal - (cEDH) Teferi Vs Siani & Eligeth Vs Krarkashima Vs Yuriko - Competitive Commander Gameplay Ep.66

Welcome to our third cEDH episode! It was really awesome to chat with Drew a little bit and hope to do it again. Beyond the Machina's Instagram : Beyond the Machina's Linktree : Skull's Twitter : Skull's Discord : Skull's Stream : Proxy's Twitter : Decklists : Teferi, Temporal […]

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[ES] Landfall TV - Conversamos de CEDH, finalistas Tier1Con y mas | EDH | Landfall TV#109 | MTG commander en Español

Hoy conversamos con Felipe Cabargas, jugador de cEDH, caster de la Tier1Con y nuevo integrante de Landfall. Conversaremos con él como se desarrolló el mundial de cEDH, sus opiniones sobre los mazos desde su punto de vista de la organización, además de conocer a muchos de los jugadores que estuvieron en el torneo e incluso […]

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KingdomsTV - cEDH Gameplay | E7 | Animar vs Muldrotha vs Klothys vs Sakashima // Kodama | Magic the Gathering

Everyone is playing creature decks, but no one wants to attack! We have some funky decks in store for you today. 🙂 Giveaway Link: NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, sanctioned, or associated with Youtube. Winner announced on 9/18/21 at 6:30 - 7pm […]

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Chain of Commander - I'M FLIPPING OUT! Why You Should Play Krarkashima in cEDH

Full disclosure, I have never personally played cEDH. I have waffled on trying it out for the past several months. In an effort to try to research the matter a bit further, I brought on Beyond the Machina, one of the original brewers of the Krark and Sakashima cEDH deck! Supposedly the "c" in "cEDH" […]

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Lab Maniacs - Casual Commander: Sakashima & Kodama + Keruga vs Golos Skybind vs Golos Gates vs Tymna & Rograkh

Cameron and Dan are joined by Nathan aka TheHermitDruid and Kolaghan (they/them) for some casual commander as we sit back, relax and enjoy some socially distant commander shenanigans. Decks: Kodama, Sakashima & Keruga: Golos Skybind: Golos Gates: Tyman Rograkh: Feel free to come join us on Discord Or support us […]

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Playing With Power - Elesh Norn vs Lord Windgrace vs Tymna/Sakashima vs Akroma/Tana | CEDH Gameplay | Playing With Power

Decklists Elesh Norn - Tymna/Sakashima - Akroma/Tana - Lord Windgrace - Dragon Shield Sleeves Gold Matte Sleeves - Lime Matte Sleeves - Justice League: Batman - Mona Lisa Sleeves - Patreon: Merch: Twitter: Facebook: #EDH #CEDH #EleshNorn

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MTG Muddstah - Sakashima | Akroma vs Nadier | Keskit vs Vial Smasher | Tymna vs Ishai | Tana EDH / CMDR game play

►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: ►New videos every Monday / Thursday at 11AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) ►Click here for affiliate link for Alter Sleeves: ►Here's my referral link for OMA: ►Here's where you can join the Generic Goblin Gang: Tymna | Vial: Keskit | Nadier: Ishai […]

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