Recross the Paths - The Scarab God

Achievement Unlocked - Building a Literal Elder Dragon Highlander Deck

Emblematic Problems & Bad Reputations | EDHRECast 252

Into the 99 - Angus mckenzie vs The The Ur-Dragon vs Elas il-Kor, vs Isshin - Into The 99 Live edh Ep 8

On this weeks episode we have a really fun game ! We have Angus mckenzie vs The The Ur-Dragon vs Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim vs Isshin, Two Heavens. This was a really fun game and showcases a truly unique deck list ! You wont want to miss this one ! Angus mckenzie - This deck […]

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KingdomsTV - Classic High Power EDH | Commander Melee S2:E11 | Magic: the Gathering Commander Gameplay

We've returned to some of our favorite commanders in today's episode of Commander Melee! Support the Kingdom: ► If you are going to buy cards use the code: KINGDOMS1 for 10% off your first order at our LGS Game Grid: ► Get some fresh sleeves from Dragon Shield and use our link too: […]

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Affinity for Commander - FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!! Commander / EDH Gameplay 111 - Ziatora VS Ur Dragon VS Zabaz VS Szat & Tana

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[ES] Landfall TV - Commander Gameplay en Español | Zur vs Ur-Dragon vs Kroxa vs Yisan * Sin editar

¡Ya está aquí el ultimo Commander Gameplay en Español de la Command Zone! : La final del torneo con logros del día sábado. Commanders en el gameplay: Zur the Enchanter, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, Yisan, the Wanderer Bard y The Ur-Dragon. ●●●●●●●●●●● Comandantes! GRACIAS por apoyar nuestro contenido y lo único que te pedimos […]

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[FR] Les Chroniques du Commander - STARSCREAM, UR-DRAGON, JODAH, ISSHIN | Commander Club S3 EP08 | MTG EDH Live Gameplay

Dernière soirée en Commander pour cette année ! Et cette fois une spéciale Secret Santa avec des decklists secrètes pour chacun. N'hésitez pas à proposer des thèmes pour nos soirées du jeudi 🙂 Merci à Doku Wil'Faël pour le travail accompli, n'hésitez pas en commentaire à nous faire des retours sur celui-ci ! Retrouvez la […]

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Commander Trends: The 2022 EDH Data Roundup | EDHRECast 244

Commander Cookout - Top 5 Most Popular Commanders of ALL TIME (and what to play instead) | CCO Podcast | EDH | MTG

Welcome to CCO's Top 5 in 5 minutes. This week, the top 5 commanders of all time and what you can play instead. Thank you to our sponsors Fusion Gaming Online. Your source for all your gaming needs. You can find them here: Use CCOSPRING discount code at checkout for 5% off your entire […]

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