KingdomsTV – Galea v Sliver Legion v Feather v Killian | K&F Special LGS Edition w/ Game Grid Utah | EDH Gameplay

Our first time back at our local game store (LGS) Game Grid in almost two years! We had a blast playing with our patrons and the rest of the Game Grid community. Remember to support your LGS when you can so that they don’t go the way of the dinosaur! Support us and Game Grid […]

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[IT] MaNa TuBe – Esika vs Killian Centurion commander I 1 vs 1 Commander I Commander Gameplay I

Ben Tornati su ManaTube, Se non sapete di che cosa stiamo parlando qui spieghiamo centurion commander in questo video vedrete scontrarsi : Esika vs Killian Se non l’avete ancora fatto iscivetevi al canale —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Mana TuBe è un canale gestito da due amici che vogliono condividere la loro passione con altri giocatori di […]

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In Response EDH – Yarok vs Elsha vs Killian vs Queen Marchesa: EDH Gameplay

Episode 16: “Oh you’re a Queen alright” Will Albert and Yarok overrun and desecrate the table with ETB triggers? Can we stop Elsha from going infinite? Can Killian us his sharp tongue and politic his way to a win? Does Marchesa have what it takes to keep the crown, or will she be dethroned? All […]

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[IT] Underground Sea – Underground Sea – Centurion – Killian, Ink Duelist

Guida Centurion dedicata a Killian, Ink Duelist, in collaborazione con Nicola Improta, illustrando strategie e carte utili per la costruzione di un archetipo che sfrutti il suo potenziale. Materiale: Merchandising: Ci vuoi offrire un Caffé? Underground Sea è sponsorizzato da Card Market ( Email: Musica: Eternity by Lahar Horizons by […]

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Strixhaven Graduation Ceremony | EDHRECast 164

Which commanders are top of their class? Who is Valedictorian, and who was voted Most Likely to Succeed? Which spells got held back? Welcome the Graduation Ceremony of Strixhaven’s Class of 2021. Support the cast on Patreon! Check out our new custom altersleeves at EDHREC is sponsored by CardKingdom,, and Use […]

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Commander VS – Don’t Tell Them They’re Not Rare! | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #246

Magic: The Gathering Commanders come in all shapes, sizes, and even rarities! Join the crew for unique MTG Commander gameplay featuring uncommon-rarity commanders from Strixhaven: School of Mages! So are you on team Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, or Jonathan? Let us know in the comment section below! Magic: The Gathering EDH Decks: MTG Commander gameplay videos: […]

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[IT] MaNa TuBe – Top 10 strixhaven I le migliori carte di Strixhaven per Commander I Nuovo Coupon e premiazione

Bentornati su Manatube, in questo video vi facciamo vedere i nostri 10 Pick per Commander. Inoltre abbiamo la premiazione del Manatube Game del video prima;) State connessi e guardate tutto il video per scoprire come vincere un nuovo premio Cardmarket da 15€. Buona Visione

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Commander Mechanic – POWERFUL ENCHANTRESS BUDGET DECK with Killian & Lurrus 🛠 Commander Deck Tech 🛠 Commander Mechanic

#EDH #Commander #MTG Today I look to try and break another companion, this time in a budget shell – we pair Killian, Ink Duelist with Lurrus of the Dream-Den to form a powerful enchantress deck with heavy removal themes! On Commander Mechanic we talk strategy, card choices, budget & upgrades for all EDH players and […]

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Aristocards – MTG Killian, Ink Duelist Deck Tech Commander EDH – The Internet Is Wrong

The Legendary Creature of Killian, Ink Duelist works exceedingly well as an #MTG #Commander that benefits targeted removal cards. But don’t get distracted with his Lifelink and Menace in thinking that you can Voltron. Watch the video and then checkout the full #EDH decklist:

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Commander Cookout – Strixhaven & Commander 2021 Legendary Creature Review | CCO Podcast 238 EDH | MtG | CMDR | C21

Today, we conclude the podcast portion of our Strixhaven and Commander 2021 review. We discuss every new legendary creature featured across the two products. Some as so sick! Some, not so much. Come, join us a we praise and dunk! Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming Online. They’re your source for all of […]

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