Patron of the Arts - Building Decks with Art Series Cards

Is it possible to build an EDH deck only with Art Series cards?

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Allure of the Unknown - Introducing Hipster Dragon Highlander

MtGDS has a new way to make sure your deck stays hip!

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Unburden - In Search of a True 100-Card Commander Deck

Saltblast - More from EDHREC's 2022 Salt Vote

You've seen the saltiest cards, but what about the saltiest mechanics? Sets? Subtypes? Let's examine!

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Unified Front - Using Data to Find Swappable Commanders

One deck, ten possible commanders.

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Wild Swing - A Winning Argument for High-Variance Decks

There's a big difference between 'power' and 'consistency'!

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Single Combat - Hapax Magic, a True Singleton Format

This deckbuilding concept takes 'singleton' to the next level!

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The Deck of Many Things: Card Frequencies, By Type and Function, Across EDH

A quick snapshot of some card type analysis on EDHREC!

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Assembled Alphas: Alphabetizing EDHREC for Fun and Profit

Looking at EDH through an extremely alphabetical lens!

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Drawn Together - In Search of Artist Tribal