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Dig Through Time — Champions of Kamigawa

Today’s article travels back to the first set from everyone’s favorite Shinto-inspired block that we’re almost certainly never going to visit ever again: Champions of Kamigawa. This set introduced some much-beloved creature types like monk, samurai, and advisor. The set also introduced some legendarily bad mechanics: Arcane and Splice onto Arcane, Spirits and Soulshift. While those […]

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Dig Through Time — Mercadian Masques

Today’s Dig Through Time brings you some of my top card picks from 1999’s Mercadian Masques. This set is unique because it didn’t introduce new mechanics but new creature types: Mercenary, Rebel, and Spellshaper. I won’t talk about Mercenaries or Rebels, because they’re a touch too parasitic; however, Spellshapers, I believe, don’t get the credit they deserve. While […]

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