Achievement Unlocked - Are Cards Banned in Other Formats Underrated in EDH?

Jake and Joel are Magic - Great MTG Pickups Right Now & ALL-TIME LOWS | Sept 2022 #MTGFinance

Support us on Patreon! Discord: Shop Dragon Shield: Shop TCGPlayer: Official Merch Store: In this Jake and Joel are Magic video, we're visiting the world of MTG Finance in our HIGH MARKET series; this time though, we're in LOW MARKET and seeing some fantastic Commander Cards that are at ALL-TIME […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 - Equal Value

Popular Cards BANNED In Other Formats | EDHRECast 137

Too-Specific Top 10 - BANNED

Making the Cut - Reader Submission: Shalai Hatebears!

60 to 100 — Creatures in the Toolbox

Welcome everyone! Today we are trying something a little different. As you know, my previous series about the Singleton Guild Wheel wrapped up a couple weeks ago. With that completed, we are now moving on to a fresh mindset for my articles moving forward. The Guild Wheel was a known quantity for us, it wasn't […]

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