Modern Horizons 2 Set Review — Black

Commander VS – Deans of Strixhaven | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #244

Magic: The Gathering’s brightest students have had their fun, now it’s the Dean’s turn! Join the crew as they show off the power of Strixhaven’s instructors – Shaile & Embrose VS Plargg & Augusta VS Valentin & Lisette VS Uvilda & Nassari! Which college will prove their magical dominance? You’ll have to watch and find […]

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Commander Mechanic – STRIXHAVEN SPOILERS 🛠11 New Legends, 11 Deck Starters! 🛠 Commander Mechanic

#EDH #Commander #Strixhaven Today’s video takes a look at the recent Strixhaven School of Mages official spoilers – we received 11 new legendary creatures and we’ve put together 11 ideas to get you started on brewing decks! Full Spoiler: Submit Your Decklist with a brief description to: ✏ Email: ✏ Twitter: @CMDRMechanic 🇨🇦 […]

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