Most Complex Commanders | EDHRECast 198

Wait, what does that commander do again? This week, we're talking about our favorite (and least favorite) complex commanders that require a lot of attention and knowledge to play well. Want access to exclusive content, the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and more? Support the cast on Patreon! Want to see the decks […]

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The GMGC - 4 player EDH gameplay Seizan vs Captain Ripley Vance vs Nassari vs God-Eternal Rhonas

One slip up that didn't mess the game, we out here!! Seizan Check out the lads at Not Your Average Meta

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The Commander Crew - Nassari, Dean of Expression EDH Deck Tech || The Commander Crew || Magic The Gathering Commander

Ever wonder what the point of the "exile a card... you may play that card this turn..." was? Well this deck is why those lines of text exist! Lets check out Corey's Nassari, Dean of Expression Play from exile deck! Corey's Nassari Deck List: ---------- Support The Commander Crew:​​​... Check out our latest […]

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Commander VS - Deans of Strixhaven | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #244

Magic: The Gathering's brightest students have had their fun, now it's the Dean's turn! Join the crew as they show off the power of Strixhaven's instructors - Shaile & Embrose VS Plargg & Augusta VS Valentin & Lisette VS Uvilda & Nassari! Which college will prove their magical dominance? You'll have to watch and find […]

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The Commander Crew - Strixhaven Modal Double Face Cards Commander Review || The Commander Crew || Magic The Gathering

We are joing again by our good friend Kevin from the GMGC as we talk about the Model Double Face Legends from the new set Strixhaven. Are these new versions of MDFC's awesome? Or are they not as impressive as promised?! THE GMGC Links:​​ ---------- Support The Commander Crew:​ Check out our […]

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Commanders Brew - Strixhaven Commander Set Review - STX EDH Set Review

Its our STX Commander Set Review! When you open booster packs and buy singles from your LGS just remember which of these cards we were the most stoked about! You can find last week's deck on TCGplayer! If you'd like to purchase any cards we've included in the deck if you use our affiliate link […]

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Strixhaven Set Review - Prismari and Blue

MagicalHacker - 💃 Expressing myself through YOUR Cards? Sure! - Uvilda & Nassari Deck Tech - DESOLATE LIGHTHOUSE E23

Welcome to Desolate Lighthouse! Today, I am unpacking a new Commander from Strixhaven that I think has the ability to go off like CRAZY, and that is Uvilda Dean of Perfection and Nassari Dean of Expression! That's nothing new for EDH, of course, but this one does it by casting spells from OTHER decks. Is […]

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