MagicalHacker – 🧦 Commander Gameplay – Sedris VS Gadwick VS Gishath VS Angus Mackenzie – THE BLOODHALL S27E2

Welcome to The Bloodhall! Today, I am once again dusting off my Treasure deck to another nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat game! Will Sedris the Traitor King be able to use his Treasures to defeat Gadwick the Wizened, Gishath Sun’s Avatar, and Angus Mackenzie? Watch to find out! 🎉 JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: 🖼 SUPPORT ME […]

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Commander Legends Set Review – Wedge and Shard Legends

MagicalHacker – ? Commander/EDH Gameplay – Sedris VS Niv-Mizzet VS Marchesa VS Kudro – THE BLOODHALL S27E1

Welcome to The Bloodhall! Today, we are playing our first official game with Sedris, the Traitor King! He may be a traitor, but at least he’s a king; and every king needs a ton of treasure! With all this treasure, will we be able to defeat Niv-Mizzet Parun, Marchesa the Black Rose, and General Kudro […]

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MagicalHacker – ? Commander Deck Tech – Sedris, the Traitor King (Treasure Theme) – THE BLOODHALL S27

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, I finally present the incredibly fun AND powerful treasure-based Grixis deck helmed by Sedris, the Traitor King. Will this treasure of a deck completely change the way I think about building decks? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: ? SUPPORT ME BY BUYING ACCESSORIES ON […]

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MagicalHacker – ?‍☠️Commander Deckbuilding Stream – Sedris, the Traitor King – ALCHEMIST’S REFUGE E18

Welcome to Alchemist’s Refuge! Today, we are building a treasure deck with Sedris, the Traitor King as the captain of the ship. Will the deck end up as a pile of booty? Or will our opponents find all our treasure? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: ? SUPPORT ME BY […]

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Siberian89 – Sedris the Traitor King | EDH Deckbuilding Live con Anonima Viandanti | Commander ITA

Con Viandanti Anonimi abbiamo deciso di ripetere il deckbuilding live estraendo a caso una leggenda tra quelle proposte… e ha vinto Sedris il Re Traditore (Sedris the Traitor King), chiesta da Ja Bi ed ecco il risultato: – Sedris Reanimator cEDH live deckbuilding[EDH]_Sedris_Reanimator_Live_con_Anonima_Viandanti Grazie mille per aver partecipato, è stato davvero divertente! Per le […]

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Epic Experiment – Sedris, Goblins, and Belchers

Sedris, meet Goblin Charbelcher. Charbelcher, meet your new favorite commander.

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The GMGC – 3 player EDH gameplay Greven vs Rakdos vs Sedris

Got a nice fast game for you guys. Full of beats and jank. Enjoy!

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Legendary Creature Podcast – 8.5 Tails v. Nikya v. Tuvasa v. Sedris | Commander Gameplay

It’s been two years! We’re celebrating two years of the Legendary Creature Podcast. Join us as we celebrate with a game of commander. Kyle and Andy bring Nikya and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails to the table to square off with Brad’s Sedris deck and Tiffany’s Tuvasa. Check out Kyle’s Nikya deck here: And listen to the podcast […]

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Dig Through Time — Saviors of Kamigawa

Today on Dig Through Time we finish up Kamigawa block with a review of—Saviors of Kamigawa. This set gave us mechanics like sweep,epic, and channel which varied from good to bad. Sweep was bad; epic, an early attempt at a legendary sorcery, was only good on two cards; channel was okay, and probably paved the way for bloodrush. One technological development in […]

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