Dual Shot - Divine Meditation

Dual Shot - Masks

Epic Experiment - Happily Ever After

Can we win with Happily Ever After... in a two-color deck!?

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Praetor Magic - Reflections of the Council; Episode 19 - Winning a Different Way

How to enter our giveaway and possibly win a free CMDR VS Playmat: 1) Subscribe to the channel 2) Find a video you like 3) Share the link to the video with #MOCL on any social media When we reach 400 and 500 subscribers on our YouTube channel, 2 winners will be picked each time […]

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Maze's End to Non-Basically Speaking

Maze's End Commander Deck EDH

Hello friends and maze runners, welcome back to EDHREC and our final Non-Basically Speaking article. This series has completed its task to identify non-basic lands that should be considered valuable staples or hidden gems based on their visibility on EDHREC. It's been an amazing journey my friends, but I have arrived at the point where […]

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