Dual Shot - Divine Meditation

MagicalHacker - ? Collab with JONATHAN MEDINA - Korvold VS Rune-Tail VS Golos VS Syr Elenora - GAVONY TOWNSHIP E48

Welcome to Gavony Township! Today, I am joined by Jonathan Medina, and we are playing his Korvold the Fae-Cursed King deck. The deck is ridiculously explosive, but will we be able to explode against Rune-Tail Kitsune Ascendant, Golos the Tireless Pilgrim, and Syr Elenora the Discerning? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY TEAM ON […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 - Enchantment-On-A-Stick

Commander Cookout Ep 85 - Runetail Flippy Dippy.dec

Hello and welcome to another episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! This week on CCOPodcast, your boys kick off a brand-new Arc with a personal deck of Brando’s: Runetaile, Kitsune Ascendant. Peep the list here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/rune-tail-what-the-hck/?cb=1541538188 With a new Arc comes a new giveaway! This Arc’s giveaway is a very special one. To help spread the […]

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