The Nitpicking Nerds – Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge BUDGET Deck Tech | Ballin’ on a Budget Bomb! | T.B.C.P.I.T.W. Episode 19

The finale of Budget Bombs (chapter 1) is finally here! We have a sick-nasty Jeleva deck brewed up today, and every card in the entire deck costs only one dollar! (As of 12/4/2019) Surely after this video goes viral and takes the internet by storm, all these cards will spike in price, so pick them […]

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Epic Experiment – Jeleva Voltron

Spellsling… as a Voltron? How can it be???

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Commander VS S14E6: Depala vs Zur vs Tasigur vs Jeleva

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Superior Numbers – Land Counts

Commander Focus — Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign

Long Live the New Narset You might think she’s cute, flying around with an Octopus Umbra shouting “LOOK AT ME! I HAZ ELDRITCH TENTACLES! I AM EMRAKUL!” and you point and laugh because she’s pretending to be Emrakul. Then she attacks you and reveals the top card and behold, it’s Emrakul, the Promised End and […]

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Lab Maniacs – S2 Episode 6: Razahulk Firebrand vs Jeleva Storm vs Jeskai Ascendancy vs Thrasios Hulkweaver

Competitive Multiplayer EDH gameplay and commentary brought to you by the Laboratory Maniacs from the PlayEDH Discord server. Deck Explainations & Opening Hands – 0:36 Start of Game – 10:20 In this episode we have cobblepott, Luke, Cameron, and Dan battle it out. Decks in this Episode: Razahulk Firebrand: Jeleva Storm: Jeskai Ascendancy: […]

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Pure//Simple — What’s Yours is Mine

Welcome back to Pure//Simple, the article series that tries to take the mystery out of card choices. Knowing what cards are good in Commander is one of the first steps towards becoming well-versed in the format, but knowing why certain cards are good is even more important. Last time, I showcased two ways of building […]

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