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Too-Specific Top 10 – Commander IS a Stick?

NeoRoyal – (EDH) Karametra Vs Alela Vs TinyBones Vs Zirda – Commander Gameplay Ep.30 (Double December Release!)

Hello hello! We are joined today by Janie and Mathieu for some paper commander! We’re only a few sub under 500 so make sure you hit that red button if it’s not already done 🙂 We have a new patreon, Sam from the CMDR Crunch Podcast, thank you so very much! One day we’ll manage […]

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MagicalHacker – 💱 Commander/EDH Gameplay – Darien VS Jodah VS Karametra VS Omnath – THE BLOODHALL S28E1

Welcome to The Bloodhall! Today, we are taking out Darien King of Kjeldor for a spin, and OH BOY IS IT A DOOZY. Will we be able to defeat three HEAVY hitters, namely Jodah Archmage Eternal, Karametra God of Harvests, and even Omnath Locus of Creation? Watch to find out! 🎉 JOIN MY TEAM ON […]

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Praetor Magic – 3 Dollar Highlander | Season 9, FINAL episode | Game 2 of 2!

***REMEMBER TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED, RING THE BELL TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW VIDEOS!*** 3 Dollar Highlander (3DH) is a budget variant of Commander played on Magic Online. Each deck only costs 3 TIX, or $3, making it the cheapest way to play the best format in all of Magic: […]

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Grapple with the Past – Born of the Gods

MTG Muddstah – Daretti vs Rienne vs Karametra vs Silas | Reyhan EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Challenge the Stats – Rienne, Angel of Rebirth

Jolt539 – Jolt – Commander – Nethroi, Apex of Death vs Karametra, God of Harvests

Decklist: // Support the channel next time you get cards! 😀 MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They’re the number one supporter of this channel! // Click the link to get 10% off […]

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CMDR Ninety Nine – Live (At the Time) W4 G1 – Paper Commander / EDH Gameplay VOD – Athreos – Karametra – Omnath – Lazav

Thanks to a clutch last minute addition to the playgroup we had a successful stream on February 20th, 2020. Shout out to Mr.ComboNumber5 for coming through. It was a great couple of games. Subscribe to our channel: Share the video: Decklists: Mr. Bever’s Athreos, God of Passage Bret’s (Kitchentable Commander) Omnath Locus of […]

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