Challenge the STRATS! | EDHRECast 201

Why Challenge the Stats when you can Challenge the STRATS? Let's find some new strategical directions for these exciting commanders! Want access to exclusive content, the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and more? Support the cast on Patreon! Want to see the decks we play? Check them out here: Check out our […]

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Reconstruct History — Mind's Eye

Too-Specific Top 10 - Commander IS a Stick?

NeoRoyal - (EDH) Karametra Vs Alela Vs TinyBones Vs Zirda - Commander Gameplay Ep.30 (Double December Release!)

Hello hello! We are joined today by Janie and Mathieu for some paper commander! We're only a few sub under 500 so make sure you hit that red button if it's not already done 🙂 We have a new patreon, Sam from the CMDR Crunch Podcast, thank you so very much! One day we'll manage […]

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MagicalHacker - 💱 Commander/EDH Gameplay - Darien VS Jodah VS Karametra VS Omnath - THE BLOODHALL S28E1

Welcome to The Bloodhall! Today, we are taking out Darien King of Kjeldor for a spin, and OH BOY IS IT A DOOZY. Will we be able to defeat three HEAVY hitters, namely Jodah Archmage Eternal, Karametra God of Harvests, and even Omnath Locus of Creation? Watch to find out! 🎉 JOIN MY TEAM ON […]

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Praetor Magic - 3 Dollar Highlander | Season 9, FINAL episode | Game 2 of 2!

***REMEMBER TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED, RING THE BELL TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW VIDEOS!*** 3 Dollar Highlander (3DH) is a budget variant of Commander played on Magic Online. Each deck only costs 3 TIX, or $3, making it the cheapest way to play the best format in all of Magic: […]

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Grapple with the Past - Born of the Gods

MTG Muddstah - Daretti vs Rienne vs Karametra vs Silas | Reyhan EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: ►New videos every Monday / Thursday at 11AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) ►Click here for affiliate link for TCGPlayer: ►Here's my referral link for OMA: ►Here's my Patreon link: Daretti: I'll ask the guys for the rest of the lists if they still […]

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Challenge the Stats – Rienne, Angel of Rebirth

Jolt539 - Jolt - Commander - Nethroi, Apex of Death vs Karametra, God of Harvests

Decklist: // Support the channel next time you get cards! 😀 MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They're the number one supporter of this channel! // Click the link to get 10% off […]

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