Grapple with the Past – Dark Ascension

Commander Central – 160 – Decks You Play Thalia Guardian of Thraben

Dana, Max and Chris welcome back Dan Krause for another edition of Decks You Play. This week is patreon supporter Ken Sisson’s Thalia Guardian of Thraben 2 CMC EDH Deck. That’s right mono white 2 cmc. Tune in to find out how we make this unique themed deck keep up with the rest of his […]

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Magic 25 breakdown and price review

How to review Masters 25? It’s not like anyone needs to be told Azusa, Lost but Seeking is good to open in your rare slot or that Akroma, Angel of Fury is not that great to crack as a mythic. We also aren’t a financial website so projecting the value of the set and the […]

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