Dungeon Learner's Guide - Brallin & Shabraz (Teferi's Veil): Commander's Guild Deck Tech/Gameplay

Decklist: https://scryfall.com/@13poynz/decks/6806f0e2-a742-4b49-9daa-de64c3ccc7e1 Buying cards? Use our affiliate link to support us on TCGPlayer: https://bit.ly/DungeonLearnersGuide Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dungeonlearnersguide Previous Decklists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v8fCD9Dsi2W9_JQByq-uqYtw6OIR3ycj6nq3ZHFD1c8/edit#gid=0 Follow me on Twitter: @13poynz Send me an email: dungeonlearnersguide@gmail.com Check me out on Reddit: u/poynz13 Welcome to episode 93 of the Commander's Guild: "A Myriad of Card Draw" Every week I go […]

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Dominaria United Set Review - Allied Colors and Shards

Cardboard Command - AHOD Ep. 3: Delina? More Like Die-Lina! | MTG EDH Gameplay | Commander

💙💙💙 Help us help you – Get perks by becoming a Commando by joining on YouTube or Patreon: https://bit.ly/OCommando - 10% off Infinitokens - Slang with us in our exclusive Discord Community - Contribute to our content Further help fund more collabs & crossovers: https://bit.ly/CCTipJar 📦📦📦 Content Make Haste! The latest episode of All Hands […]

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Mental Misplay - cEDH Gameplay Blood Pod x Brallin/Shabraz x Meren x Kinnan s01e45

Mental Misplay presents NOXIOUS REVIVAL s01e45 - a LIVE cEDH Gameplay VOD from a LIVE STREAMED SPELLTABLE PICKUP GAME! These three guys were ready to ROCK live and played an awesome game! I dont have any decklists because of the nature of it being a pickup game. This is a cEDH game featuring Kinnan, Bonder […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 - (Last) Year In Review

Affinity for Commander - EDH Gameplay - Episode 86: Sefris VS Brallin & Shebraz VS Feldon VS Aesi

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Power Sink - Arbit Harder

Commander VS - Rags to Riches | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS #260

The best MTG Commander gameplay has arrived! With random Commanders at their side, the crew spins the wheel to determine if their decks are packed full of cheap or expensive cards! Are you on team Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, or Jonathan? Let us know who you picked in the comments! Preorder your MTG Innistrad Midnight Hunt […]

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The Toolbox - Attunement

Playing With Power - Urza vs Brallin/Shabraz vs Thrasios/Bruse vs Ikra/Kraum | CEDH Gameplay | Playing With Power MTG

Decklists Urza - https://bit.ly/S11E03-Urza Bralling/Shabraz - https://bit.ly/2ULcUIq Thrasios/Bruse - https://bit.ly/36EvrIS Ikra/Kraum - https://bit.ly/3kxRsS7 Dragon Shield Sleeves Pink Matte Sleeves - https://bit.ly/DS-Pink-Matte-Sleeves Black Matte Sleeves - http://bit.ly/DS-Black-Matte-Sleeves Justice League: Aquaman - http://bit.ly/DS-Aquaman-Sleeves Botan, Midnight Visitor - http://bit.ly/Botan-Playmat TCGPlayer: https://bit.ly/PWP-TCGPlayer Patreon: http://bit.ly/PWP-Patreon Merch: http://bit.ly/PWP-Merch Twitter: http://bit.ly/PWP-Twitter Facebook: http://bit.ly/PWP-FB #EDH #CEDH #MTG

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