Power Sink - Arbit Harder

Underplayed Commanders | EDHRECast 168

These commanders helm fewer than 200 decks, but they absolutely deserve more of the spotlight! This week, we're digging through the data to uncover those underplayed commanders. Want access to the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and exclusive bonus content? Support the cast on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/edhrecast Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast @JosephMSchultz @danaroach […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 - Extra, Extra!

Affinity for Commander - EDH Gameplay - Episode 57: Arcades VS Volrath VS Medomai VS Gavi

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MagicalHacker - THE BLOODHALL S13E5ish | Medomai the Ageless vs Nicol Bolas the Ravager vs Skithiryx vs Narset

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing the BONUS game of Medomai since I wasn't able to add it to Monday's video, and Medomai is here for some extra goodness. Will he be able to squash the silly Nicol Bolas the Ravager's discard effects, Skithiryx the Blight Dragon's infecting triflings, and Narset Enlightened Master's […]

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MagicalHacker - THE BLOODHALL S13E4 | Medomai vs Uyo vs Jarad vs Yuriko

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Medomai, and I sooo wish he would give me an extra turn in real life. With my wedding being three weeks away, I have SO. LITTLE. TIME! As for the game, will we be able to keep Uyo Silent Prophet's spellslinging, Jarad Golgari Lich Lord's graveyard flings, […]

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MagicalHacker - THE BLOODHALL S13E3 | Medomai vs Sheoldred vs Phenax vs Prossh

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Medomai, and he is trying to teach me a "lesson". Look, I get you're a omen-foretelling sphinx, but you didn't need to take away my audio, man! Will we be able to steal a win before Sheoldred reanimates crazy big creatures, before Phenax mills us all out, […]

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MagicalHacker - THE BLOODHALL S13E2 | Medomai vs Muldrotha vs Muzzio vs Maelstrom Wanderer

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Medomai the Ageless, and he is being cryptic AGAIN about what he wants to do exactly. Will we be able to maintain control of this game until Medomai can win with his combo? Or will the graveyard nonsense of Muldrotha the Gravetide, the artifact shenanigans of Muzzio […]

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MagicalHacker - THE BLOODHALL S13E1 | Medomai vs Kynaios and Tiro vs Yeva vs The Scarab God

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Medomai the Ageless, and ... FUUUUUTURE..... FUUUUTUREEE..... Will we be able to hit 88mph with all of our draw-go control? Or will we die to the four color good stuff of Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis, the mono green creatures of Yeva Nature's Herald, or the dimir […]

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MagicalHacker - Alchemist's Refuge E3 | Medomai the Ageless

Welcome to Alchemist's Refuge! Today, we are building a new Medomai the Ageless deck, and what he is trying to do is to play a control game plan until the point until we can get some of the control pieces that will let us go infinite with Medomai to get infinite turns. Will I build […]

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