Landfall TV – Top 10 cartas más usadas Commander 2014 | EDH | Landfall TV#84 | Commander en Español

En esta ocasión revisamos la edición de commander 2014 para ver qué es lo más usado según las estadísticas de EDHREC. Tops anteriores: C11: C13: ——- ¡Apoya el canal y todo el contenido de Commander en Español que estamos creando!​​​ Además nos puedes seguir y apoyar en todas nuestras RRSS: Discord:​​​ Twitch:​​​ […]

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Commander Cookout – Time Spiral Remastered Review and Dunking? | EDH | MtG | CMDR | CCO Podcast 232

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming Online. They’re your source for all of your gaming needs. You can find them here: You want 5% off all of your MtG singles? Head over to Fusion Gaming Online and use exclusive promo […]

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The Mana Confluence – Feldon of the Third Path EDH – Time Spiral Remastered Reprint- Magic: the Gathering Quick Deck Tech

Welcome to The Mana Confluence, a juncture for all things Magic! Today we are covering a commander that is being reprinted in the upcoming Time Spiral Remastered set. This video is a quick dive into the main builds I have encountered around this deck. Enjoy! If you want to support the channel you can do […]

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Gameplay – Episode 66: Vadrok VS Feldon VS Heliod VS Anowon

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One More Mana – Feldon of the Third Path Deck Tech | Magic: the Gathering EDH

TCGPlayer Affiliate Link: Please enjoy the deck techs provided by One More Mana. If you enjoy the video please Like and Subscribe to our channel and social media to join the ManaSquad. Support us on: Patreon Twitter: Tweets by ManaSquad Facebook: Deck list: Music: Jazzaddict’s Intro by Cosimo Fogg (201) | […]

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EDHRECast Ep97 – The Beginning and the End… Step

Some of the best parts of a Commander game don’t occur in the main or combat phases, but right at the start and the end! Joey, Matt, and Dana dig through some of their favorite effects and clever tricks in the beginning and ending phases of the turn, because sometimes the most powerful part of […]

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The GMGC – 3 player EDH gameplay Thantis vs Feldon vs Sen Triplets

Will mono red reanimator win. Will Jund beats two step over the table. Will Esper control take the fun way from everyone?? Watch and see…

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Deck Tech – Episode 8: Feldon of the Third Path

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Gameplay – Episode 34: Urza VS Kykar VS Yawgmoth VS Feldon

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Legendary Creature Podcast – Feldon | Commander Stories | Podcast

Dead girlfriends. Master machinists. Obsessive compulsive disorder—or the OC disorder. Torture. Betrayal. A quest for magical answers. And how it all relates to a Magic card. This is either Maury Povich or things are getting weird on the Legendary Creature Podcast. Join Kyle and guest host AP, as AP takes us on a journey through […]

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